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Infrangible I am not...


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any graphics are made by me unless otherwise noted...
if i have any of your work plz let me know so credit can be given...thx :)
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Girl Int. Mood Theme emmysdream

80's music, 89x, accents, aerosmith, aim, alanis morissette, alcohol, angelina jolie, ani difranco, animals, anime, anorexia, art, bands, banners, beer, bisexuals, blood, blowing kisses, blue, bones, books, borderline personality disorder, bowling, bpd, bracelets, bright eyes, britney spears, brunettes, bulimia, caffeine, care bears, cars, cds, cell phones, chess, classic rock, comedy, computers, concerts, cuddling, cutting, dancing, ddr, diet, drawing, drinking, driving, eye shadow, films, flirting, football, french, friends, games, giggling, girls, glitter, good charlotte, graphics, great music, guitars, gum, guys with dark hair, hawthorne heights, hemp bracelets, hilary duff, hugs, ice water, icons, insanity, internet, italian, jewish guys, jogging, kiera knightly, kisses, knives, layouts, lemons, lesbians, lip gloss, lip synching, livejournal, long hair, love songs, madonna, maroon 5, medication, melissa ethridge, moonlight, movies, music, my chemical romance, myspace, needles, night, nintendo, oranges, pain, parties, perfection, piano, piercings, pills, pink, poems, poetry, ps2, punk, punk rock, rain, rainbows, reading, red, rings, rock, rock n'roll, running, sad songs, scars, silver, singing, skating, smile empty soul, smiling, spooning and cuddling, sports, strawberries, tattoos, texas hold 'em, the gym, the killers, the simpsons, the sky, thin, thinspiration, thunderstorms, velcro shoes, victoria's secret, video, warped tour, weight, weight loss, working out, writing, xbox,